My computer life began when my mom got me an Apple IIe in the 80s. I had great fun with that machine. Coding in Basic, upgrading memory (got the great 128K memory card) and even upgrading the CPU and built-in ROM. I left Apple when I sold the IIe and got an 386 in early 90s.

Since then I've been using Windows machines. There are a few times in my career when I tried to live with Linux machines but found it be too hard to actually have it as your only machine. The fun thing is, all these years since I've been developing software, I have never been really devoted my effort on the Microsoft platform (even tough I'm certified on .NET). Jobs took me to C++, Java, Unix but never had a chance to seriously develop for the MS platform.

3 months ago, I had lunch with one of my friend. He was in the process of quiting his full-time job to build an iPhone game company (His company is currently number 1 on the chart). He said, "Sze, this is the 80s all over again, this is an exciting new platform and exiting opportunity and you should not miss that." That message stucked with me for two nights. That weekend I went and got a MacBook pro.

So here I am back to Apple and I am very happy to report that my MacBook is now my parimary machine. I'm now more than full-time in iPhone development and I am committed to this platform.