Building a business comes with lots of "rules."

Sze Wong, founder and CEO of Zerion Software believes many of these "rules" are meant to be broken. In fact, many of them can actually hinder a business from moving forward and growing in a way that spurs passion and leads to long-term success.

Using a Profit Over Growth model, Sze has built Zerion Software to be something different, a company with practices that don't always make sense to those on the outside, but one that leading global companies in a variety of businesses have come to rely on as critical to their daily operations.Sze has started to address these myths in a video series aimed at encouraging entrepreneurs to follow their passions while building successful businesses that see success rates that soar much higher than traditional start-ups.

For many businesses, the "beginning" includes a sales pitch. Coming from a "Shark Tank" culture, many of us have been led to believe that funding is essential to growth... but, is that true? The answer might surprise you.
See what Sze has to say in the first video of his series, "You Don't Need Funding..." below.

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