We are in Grand Cayman right now and we have decided to leave early tomorrow morning to avoid Gustav. The hotel suggests everybody to leave the island by tomorrow afternoon so we are acting accordingly. Let's see if we have made a good choice or not.

We were out all day today and there hasn't been any rain today. My earlier thought was that we could at least enjoy tomorrow until we have to worry about the storm. Well, since the hotel issues a 'recommendation' and the flights leaving the island seem to be filling up, we got nervous and start calling Travelocity and the airlines. The more we call and talk about the possibility the more nervous we got. At the end I told the agent from Travelocity as she tries to make sure I'm ok with the cost, "Don't worry about money, just push quickly and get me a ticket to leave!" So we now actually have 3 tickets leaving the island, at 8am tomorrow, 10pm tomorrow and 2pm Saturday.

Yes, I am pretty sure I am leaving the island.

As of right now, the weather here is calm. I will blog again when we get to Miami tomorrow.