So I finally understand what I'm doing. I am a full-time hoop jumping professional.

Huh? You may say.

Yes, my job is to jump hoops. When you start, they say, "Go register yourself in the system so that buyers will be able to find you". As if the'buyers' will actually use the system to search for vendors. Well, anyway, fine. We spend the time to register. Then they say, "Oh, you need to be a certified small business in order to compete". Certify to be small? How are we not small enough. Anyway, we practice and practice and finally jump through that big hoop. "Well, you need to be certified in both Federal and the States".  "After that you go attend the outreach program which you will learn what to do next". "And after that ...." Yes, Master. I am now well trained to stop asking questions.

When they say "Jump", I ask, "How many?". As in how many hoops do I need to jump through.