When I was 11 years old, my mom used her entire monthly salary and brought me an Apple IIe. It was a Taiwanese clone and cost about US$350.00. It may be a clone, but it’s an Apple IIe.

That summer I learned Basic and felt in love with software. Since then I became the “computer boy” at school and eventually came to the US for college and majored in computer science.

In summer of 2008, I was working on a project in Fannie Mae building accounting systems. My friend Mike Sanford took me to lunch and said, “Sze, you got to do this. This is the 80’s all over again. I am quitting my job this afternoon.” Mike was referring to the launch of the App Store and the opportunity that came along.

I brought my first MacBook that weekend and start developing for the iPhone.

Today, iFormBuilder helps people replaces clipboards and go paperless with iPhones and iPads. It is deployed in over 80 counties and in many different industries.

Had is not been for Steve, my life would probably be very different.

I will continue to work hard and like Steve said, “Never settle, follow your heart.”