Just looking at the last 2 days you know the Kindle Fire is going to succeed. Now I’d like to throw in my 2 cents. I think the Kindle Fire will help push the iPad into Enterprises.

Why? Like a lot of analysts are saying, the Kindle is going to kill most Android tablets. New Android tablets will need to compete on Kindle’s terms. Cisco, RIM, and other enterprise hopefuls will now need to come up with something that is around $200.00 and still usable. Now I am not saying the Playbook will be gone, but it will not be widely adopted.

Also, while the Kindle Fire is going to be ultra successful, Amazon will probably be less Enterprise friendly than Apple. Amazon will focus on media consumption that it does well.

Now may be the Fire will be another iPod Touch (you know the military is using iPod Touches, right?) but it all depends how open Amazon will make their Android app store be. My guess is that they want their app store be as closed as Apple’s.

So all of these point to less Android competitors which leave the iPad free to continue it’s penatration into the Enterprises.

By mid-year 2012 we should know the full potential of the Kindle effect, and if Microsoft didn’t execute Windows 8 well, Apple may finally be able to get into the business market.