Found this in my email and fee like I should repost to my blog

I've been an Architect for many years and code review is always
something that is difficult to do right. I have tried from formal code
review meetings to reviewing CVS check-ins daily, to my latest 'pair
and monitor' approach. Basically as many have pointed out, this is a
necessary process to ensure the right design, coding partice are in
place. Code reveiw is supposed to make the team more aware of what one
another is doing and improve code quality as a whole.

Anyway, I'm always for light process. And that is what right now I'm
heavily relying on 'pair and montior'. By pairing developers, you have
a higher chance of having better documented code. We then have one of
two team members who's sole responsibility is to monitor everything
that goes into CVS and flag anything that disagree with our
development handbook. So far this is a low impact approach that seem
to be working.

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